The following are Videos about different subjects.

Most of them deal with Earthquakes and Volcanoes.

Some are just miscellaneous topics about the Bible and the world events.

Perhaps they will be of some interest to at least one person in the vast world of humanity.

Simply click on the Link and it will open up to the Video. If you desire to read it, just stop the Video and expand it to a larger size. I did not make these Videos in HD, because it takes 4 times more space on my account server and I need the space for the Audio Bible Sermons. These are just extra studies that were added to perhaps help someone understand the events related to the subject matter of this overall Website… Which is to increase your knowledge of the Bible and most certainly about the soon coming Great Tribulation Period!!!

01.Earthquake News 2010 to 2012

02.Earthquakes in Central U S A Year of 2014

03.Economy News

04.End of the World

05.Global Disaster News Year of 2010

06.Global Disaster News Year of 2011

07.Global Disaster News Year of 2012

08.Global Disaster News Year of 2013

09.Global Disaster News Year of 2014

10.Iceland Volcano Activity Year of 2014

11.Pandemic News

12.Pole Shift News

13.The Day of the Lord

14.The Eternal Journey

15.The Great Tribulation Period

16.The Last Days

17.The Wicked of the World

18.Trumpets and Vials of Revelation

19.Volcano News 2010 to 2013

20.1 Headline News 2011 Earthquakes

21.1 Headline News 2011 Volcano

22.2 Headline News 2012 Earthquakes

23.2 Headline News 2012 Volcano

24.3 Headline News 2013 Earthquakes

25.3 Headline News 2013 Volcano

26.4 Headline News 2014 Earthquakes

27.4 Headline News 2014 Volcano

28.Central USA Earthquakes for the Year 2015

29.Big Wobble Slides 2015


The following are some of the Websites in which the information on these Videos have been taken:

10.Earthquakes in Central USA

11.Volcanoes on FaceBook

13.Seismic Monitor Recent Earthquakes

14.Latest Earthquakes Worldwide