Volcano Links

The following are Links to Volcanic Activity on YouTube.

These “Volcanic Eruption Videos” will help you understand the overall concept of what will be occurring during the “Great Tribulation Period” on a massive scale, with most of the activity increasing during the last part of this Time Period known as the “Wrath of God”, which will take place after the Rapture of the Saved. The “Wrath of God” will be a punishment upon the spiritually lost of humanity.

The following Videos are from:  PhotoVolcanica

01.  Masaya volcano lava lake eruptions (Volcan Masaya).

02.  Momotombo Volcano Erupting at Night with Several Small Volcanic Lightning Discharges

03.  Spectacular Lightning in Ash Clouds from Colima volcano, Mexico

04.  Timelapse of Glowing Rockfalls at Sinabung Volcano

05.  Colima Volcano – Daytime and Nighttime eruptions, overflight of crater

06. Fogo Volcano Explosive Eruptions During Daytime

07. Fogo Volcano 2014 – Powerful Dual-Crater Strombolian Eruptions

08.  Lava Fountains from Bardarbunga Volcano Holuhraun Fissure Eruption viewed by Helicopter Flights

09.  Pyroclastic Flow followed by series of Tornados, Sinabung Volcano

10.  Pyroclastic Flows with Lightning, Sinabung Volcano

11.  Kliuchevskoi Volcano erupting at night and at dusk, October 2013

12.  Kliuchevskoi Volcano Erupting Ash Cloud and Lava Flow, 18. October 2013

13.  Volcanic Fireworks – Spectacular Explosive Eruption of Batu Tara Volcano in Moonlight, 2012.

14.  Nyamuragira Volcano, Kimanura Eruption in 2012

15.  Etna Volcano Paroxysm 01. April 2012 (before dawn)

The following Videos are from:  Volcano News from: Volcano Discovery

16. Etna volcano lava fountains 17 Nov 2013