Jesus Christ

These Sermons deal with “Jesus Christ”.

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21.  Love for Christ.21

24.  Your Spiritual Relationship with Christ.24

25.  Serve Christ all of your Life.25

36.  The Faith of the Lord Jesus Christ.36

40.  Fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ.40

45.  Are You Seeking the Lord Jesus Christ?45

59.  Living for the Lord Jesus Christ.59

128.  By His Strips, We are Healed.128

193.  Christ Redeemed Us from the Grave.193

220.  The Christ Child.220

296.  Emmanuel – God with Us.296

298.  Christ’s Eternal Kingdom.298

299.  The Star in the East.299

300.  The Time of Christ’s Visitation.300

301.  The Humanity of Jesus.301

469.  Freedom in Christ.469